Monday, 15 September 2008

Health Kick

Diary of a Fat Bitch, usually I am the most Tofu loving, vegie eating, Tea drinking woman but this weekend I have been on a Rampage. I think it is because I knew come Today I was going back to the Health Food, so it was like one last hurrah or something.

Friday - Ham & Cheese Crossiant, Giant Coffee, Salami and Roast Veg Foccacia, Multiple Coffee's, Sweet Chilli & Cheese scroll for 'Dinner' as I wasn't sure whether or not I'd get to eat a real Dinner. Followed by heaps of Beers, Olives, Fried Potatoes and a Jumbo Popcorn.

Saturday - Omlette with Fetta, Sundried Tomatoes, Olives, Parmesan and a stack of Buttery Toast. Spudbar for lunch. Multiple Beers and a Gigantic Chicken Parma and Chips from Hotel Brighton for dinner.

Sunday - Out for Breakfast, Scrambled Eggs, Avocado, Bacon & Fetta, again on a pile of Buttery toast, accompanied by a Piccolo of Champagne and giant Coffee. Cheese and Crackers for Lunch. A massive Slab of Meat and Potatoes cooked in Cream for Dinner. Wine all day, followed by Bavarian and Headache.

Party (pie) time is fucking OVER. From now on its about Counting Points, hitting the Gym and putting all the Wine I have been consuming lately back in the Cellar (cupboard, I wish I had a cellar). If anyone wants to join me for Body Combat or Pilates this week hit me up. Its time to get ill.


Sanchez said...


Ps. last nights dinner was ill. it seems weird how gettin ill doesn't involve food that is ill.

Anonymous said...

Enough with the Fatty/ hate on self posts!!! you're killing me!! we love you just the way you are (grotesquely fat- you are HUGE!!)
-Jess cat

Community College said...

Yummmmmm, all that fatty shit sounds soooo good. haha. Jess is right but i saw you half naked at zimmermann and you're skinny as balls! Where's this pilates though, i heard all the hotties do paris and fergie hahaha. Are you like really good at it tho as i've never done it and don't want to be the only retard there. i also am so inflexible i can't touch my toes (really) is this gonna pose a problem???

Soph said...

Jessiekins I love you so much. You know what to say to a girl!

It's not so much the weight, its definately the Heart and the Lungs. I've been having lots of Chest Pain and Heart Palpitations, lately and I quit smoking as my Doc thought I was getting the Cancer of Lung, and I think its fucking with my heart. So I gotta keep the Cholesterol down so I don't have a Heart attack.

I have never done Pilates either! I did it once when I had a Trainer and I bailed cos it was harder than running on a Treadmill, so I went back to the Treadmill.

I am doing it at Fitness First, so any fitness first we can attend, we just need to check the timetable. I'm sure as a guest you can pay by the session.

There is little to no Pilates at the City Studios at any convenient time. There is a 6.30pm Yoga on Wednesday at Bourke Street.

Community College said...

i don't know bout yoga. i wana tone some shit yo, give me that hard pilates shit. is there a beginners class? otherwise we're fucked! i have all this gym shit i never wear so maybe finally i can get to use it.

Hayley said...

Do pilates, it will turn you into superwoman.