Monday, 29 September 2008

RIP Paul Newman 1925-2008

Paul Newman died at 83 yesterday losing his battle with cancer. This dude was awesome and a truly great person who I really do admire. Clearly he was an a-grade hottie (see pic). He was also a great actor. And he made dope salad dressing, like seriously awesome shit (have you ever tried it? it's the best) I'm totally buying one next time i go to the shops in honour of this great man. He donated HUNDREDS of millions of dollars to charity from the sale of his condiments and did it in a really un-showy, look at me Hollywood way, which I think is really refreshing and honourable.
Rest in peace old mate. You're a true icon and will be missed.


Hayley said...

Ranch dressing. I live for it.

kt said...

nah way man, the caeser dressing is the shit!

miss c said...

Second the ranch.. I make the best potato salad with that!
YUM! :)