Friday, 5 September 2008

Clawin At My Bank Account

I've wanted these for a long time. Mafia showed me her (two! complimentary!) pairs probably this time last year and I was hurting when I found out they were $300 a piece.

Thank god for Sales, they are now mine. I was going to get the White and rock them with the original MOB Kaws bikini, but you've got to be practical, with my Irish Skin White frames aren't the best look. I was almost on the Tortoise but again it doesn't go with everything. Black is pretty damn safe so I had to mix it up with something a bit more exciting for Summer.

And you can Catch Hayley in the White Purple number below, so don't buy it! Or we'll call you a biter.

And nothing like a nice new Beach Bag, particularly helpful in transporting Icy Cold Champagne Bottles to and from the Beach. CC you with me?

ps. Jmery - love is spelt Claw, even though I've been spoilt lately (ahem Tiffany!)these would be a nice 2 Years and 12 Day Anniversary Present. Especially seeing they are 14K Gold at Half Price.

It's not about what you spend, but what you save. I've saved a lot lately.

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Community College said...

everyone has gone claw crazy man! we can't wear it at the same time. I wanted the fruit tank so bad but they only had it in large. wearing shit too big for you when your short always has you looking fatter than you are. anyways i'm outtie, fuck work it's friday