Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Grody to the max!

My American tutor at uni said I was a Valley Girl once. I was like "yeah, I totes loves that shop!" no not really, I mean I kinda love that shop (not recently however) but I didn't say that. But I didn't know whether to take this as a compliment but yeah I took it as one. haha. I don't really know what one is, I mean I like tanning, teen shows, getting my nails done, and a disturbing amount of pop music so maybe I fit the bill. Decided to wiki it....and it's AWESOME. Valley Girls now would basically be little cunts (see earlier posts) but it's all about Valley Girls circa 80-90s. This is my look/steez for this summer so watch out. Or don't, whatevs betch.

Seriously, how hot is this look!

Here's what wiki had to say:

Valley Girl (less commonly, Val) is a term referred to affluent middle-class young girls living in the neighborhood of San Fernando Valley. A typical Valley Girl is of a Caucasian background, though the term has more recently been applied to females of other races. A Valley Girl can be described as materialistic, self-conscious, self-centered and sexually promiscuous. Valspeak is also a form of this trait.


As if – lit. "as if" except it does not use a subject; expresses disbelief.
Bitchin' - adj. slang for excellent; first-rate.
Whatever! - short for "whatever you say"; sarcastic comeback.
Barf me out! - "So disgusting it makes me want to vomit."
Fer shur – lit. "For sure"
Betch – lit. "Bitch"
Totally – "I agree" or "completely."
Tubular – Excellent, perfect, as in a (surfable) wave that forms a tube.
Grody to the max! – "As gross as he/she/it can be."
Like, oh my God – can be used many ways; expresses shock (OMG for short).
I’m suuure! or I'm so sure – "I'm absolutely positive," but usually used sarcastically.
Tre - A synonym for "very" (derived from French "très")
Tripendicular! - It can mean either "awesome" or a drug high.
Totally Radical, Dude! – "That is incredible, man."
Gnarly - Off the hook, totally extreme - good or bad.
So - Very; used too often and said with too much emphasis. "He's so not cute!"

Still not as good as my saying "De-hy to the maximi!" aka hella dehydrated.

Man I wanna go out and get me some scrunchie and crop tops so hard. Who's with me?

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I Miss Cigarettes... said...

i had the valley girls boardgame when i was 8

im down !!!!!!