Friday, 5 September 2008


You know your life is OK when your biggest problem is which Sunglasses to buy (next). I should be concerned about my Finance Exam at 9am Tomorrow but the worst that can happen is that I can fail it, then I can blog that fact in the hope of pity, then hopefully resit it and move on with life.

But as I sold the Chanel 5076's, that looked Bum Fuck terrible on me, I am in need of some Sunnies. Some may wonder why this is the case when I just grabbed the Claw Nuggets, but I need a pair for being a Grown Up and a pair for being Ridiculous, clearly the ridiculous position has been filled.

So here are the Contestants, bear in mind I need my Sunnies big, small sunnies on me look like a fat chick in a g-string.

Dior Glossy

Tom Ford Lauren

or Whitney (and its not a Hills reference no joke)

Ralph Lauren 8026

But Credit where Credit is due, my amazing friend Lou has these so I would feel like a bit of a biter. Plus they look so dope on her I probably couldn't compete.

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