Saturday, 27 September 2008

It's time to go...Bandage Dress!

So is it just me...or you over this goddamn dress already! The Hervé Léger Bandage dress. Ladiez, I get it. You have a good body but FUCK! Do you need to strap that shit so tight I can see every fucking contour. This has got to be one of the most narcisistic ensembles ever! Strictly for those coked up nights because a) you're gonna need the confidence of Janice Dickson on crack to put this shit on and b) forget even considering eating in this one. I'm waiting for this shit to trickle down to high street and see all these fatties trying to make it work. By fattie I mean anyone over a size 4 as fuck this outfit would be unforgiving. Guess Kim Kardashian looks pretty good in it though. She's not fat though, just shapely as a motherfucker! She's like 5'3 apparently, damn! That's curves for days at that height. You also need big titties for this one otherwise...well i hate to think of what it looks like. I would look SO fucked in this! haha. Soph could prob rock it but. Netaporter it Soph! When they gonna release an it- dress that looks good on midgets with no boobs?

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Joe said...

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