Thursday, 18 September 2008

One Step Closer to Mr Ronson

So I'm a bit scared of Festivals, particularly after working at the VIP area of Summadayze for a few years in a row, scariest place on earth at 6pm on New Years Day.

Anyway to quote Superbad, I fully ignored my hatred for festivals in coming up with this plan.

Mark Ronson and The Version Players
Gorillaz Sound System, which is the full AV Kitten Kaboodle
Kraftwerk - the first Electronic Music ever made? (Arguments welcome)
Felix Da Housecat - never plays a bad Record

And hopefully copious amounts of Sunshine and an announcement that Santogold will also be playing exclusively for the Mayorettes. I grabbed tickets today but will be keeping my eye out for Side Shows, anything that gets me within arms reach of Mark.

I think we should start a Mayoress Festival, lineup as follows;

Amy Winehouse
Amanda Blank
Roxy Cottontail
New Young Pony Club
Dizzee Rascal
Spank Rock
Mark Ronson
Method Man & Redman
Ghost & Rae
Tribe Called Quest
The (whole) Pharcyde
Boot Camp Clik
Arctic Monkeys
The Strokes
Kings of Leon
Kaiser Cheifs

Somebody want to give me a few Bajillion dollars to make this happen. Branson maybe?


Community College said...

can we have mariah carey at it too. no shit man i love that bitch and i'm not even being ironic. Fantasy is my favourite song ever. I do like "cool" music too though, anyone else loving rhymefest and kidz in the hall as much as me right now?

M.A.F.I.A. said...

Um...dreamlover is where its at! Can I please support. I'll do it for drink cards, and you can fondle me as much as you want. PUUUURRRLLLLLLEASE (to the support slot, not the fondling...or maybe.........