Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Turn your Swatch watches forward

Good news Melbourne, daylight savings which used to start on the last Sunday in October, has been extended and now starts on October 5, the first Sunday in October. True!

Celebration, bitches!

(May I ask the Victorian Government for a few more public holidays also?)


Community College said...

yayyyy! sunshine!!! lets have a tanning party. anyone got a rooftop? I'll make the sangria.

Sanchez said...

Bloody heck! My curtains are going to fade and the cows won't know what time to get up!

I can't wait! Rooftops are the new beach.

Anonymous said...

Bout time, remember when they brought it forward for the olympics in 2000? it was the radderest.

I have a rooftop... just have to walk on the beams to avoid ending up in the kitchen below... is anyone willing to build a secure deck up there for me/you/y'all?

p.s i just put some views from my roof last night on...

p.s I am also concerned for the cows and your curtains Sanch.

Community College said...

rooftop looks good yo! we can totally pull a working bee up there and put some slats to lie on. we need some light weight timber and some liquid nails. then we can put some milk crates up there. party town, victoria!