Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Joy Day

Today was a bit of a Joy Day. The morning began at Journal in Flinders Lane with an amazing Avocado & Lemon Bruschetta and great coffee. People always shit on about how great the coffee is in Melbourne but the city can be terrible unless you know where to look. Thanks to April I know where to look now, Breakfast, Coffee and Great Service all for under $10!

Then we wandered up to the Melbourne Exhibition Buildings where the Fashion Exposed trade show is running, as well as the Australian Shoe Fair and the Leather Goods and Accessories Fair. We attended a Seminar that evaluated the Fall/Winter 2008 shows that have just happened in New York and London and what that is going to mean for the upcoming Autumn drop early next year.

But the highlight of the day was the Baguette to go from Waffle On at Degraves Street, where a charming Frenchman whipped us up Le Normand Baguette with French Brie, Mustard, Ham, Lettuce, Butter and Tomato on a house cooked Baguette. Again a cheapie at $8, it was bigger than a Foot Long and so amazingly delicous. Watching him rant and rave in French and call us Mon Cherie was fun too.

I also got to rock my new Marc Jacobs Jellies which was fun, slightly on the tough side to wear in whilst running round the city but what can you do.

Sadly now I am back at work, to deal with the 40+ emails that have hit since 4.30 Yesterday. Fuck that. Who's coming to Paris?


Community College said...

i love it that you blog when you hav 40+ emails you have to deal with haha. I was in the city today too! and flinders lane. Had meeting with dude from myer basement and then ate one of those cheap roast beef baguettes from the asian joints, 4 dolla! so good. How good is waffle on, i was gonna get one of them too, but eating waffles alone is just sad. I also went to the solarium in my lunch break and now think i have skin cancer, ouchey.

Hayley said...

Damn! Do either of you two wanna swap? My office is huge and really visually stimulating.