Monday, 22 September 2008

Sweet sweet fantasy baby

Ahhh it's Monday and it's cold and rainy as a bitchass outside, cmon Melbourne, stop being so....CLICHE!
I wanted to make cookies but i forgot to buy eggs booooo. I have endeavoured to work my ass to the bone this week and get lots and lots of shit done for the mag, but I can't help my mind skipping away like Mr Squiggle on a space walk now and then. Here is my Monday work fantasy.....

First of all I'd be riding away on THIS. Claw Money's my little pony she's made for My little pony's 25th year! (thanks for the heads up katie!) Isn't she beautiful! Her little shoes and hoodie. But in my fantasy she's life size and smells like vanilla and I'm pretty sure glitter would be involved. She would fly me through SUNNY skies and rainbows to a magical fairground on the beach where this song will be playing....ofcourse!!

There all my mayorettes and extended friends will be and there will be lots of free mojitos and alize and we'll all have cute outfits and not have to work and there will be mexican food, heaps of mexican food that doesn't make you fat. And lots of cute puppies. And we'll all be tanned and won't get hungover, and the beach is perfect and we all go swimming there til we go to someone's massive pad on the beach and drink and smoke more and then go to a rad bar that we're too wasted to even take in. I'm not sure who's looking after the horse at this point...or the puppies. We'll like have a little farm part in the yard and they can sleep all cute like Chester on his dog bed.

And then the next day we'll all go out on a yacht...

Okay CC...back to work.
p.s in other news, my dog namesake CC the papillon on the rspca site has been adopted, woot!

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kt said...

yay you looked at it how cute are her lil gold nikes. did you see the john stamos pony?? i love his little boardie things. the kimora one is a slut, you shouldn't be allowed to make my little slut ponies.