Wednesday, 24 September 2008

To Ferragamo or Not to Ferragamo

Not so much 'the' question but certainly a question on my mind today. Not to sound like a broken whinging record but today really sucks and retail therapy would be awesome. I've had my eyes on these Ferragamo Varina flats for a while now.

There are one pair of Size 10's at David Jones Bourke Street, on sale for $390. So its still a bunch of cash but I am still a bunch of sad. If anyone would like to steal them I am happy to give them $175 straight cash. No box required. Go on Red Hots, you know you want to.

Similarly this amazing Chanel keeps getting passed in on eBay with Reserve Not Met. Sad as it would have been mine!

And this Vivienne Westwood has still not come down in price, $495 on Sale!

It think I'll just get some of these.

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Community College said...

i love all this shit man. can netaporter send us free shit for all the props you give them? or like giftcards or something. i'm still working on a way to get sanrio to send me heaps of hello kitty shit.