Thursday, 11 September 2008

Steady Moping

I don't know when it became uncool to acknowledge you feel like shit and where the expectation that everyone should suffer silently came from but FUCK YOU to those concepts. Bridget Jones is OK with me today.

Call me a Nerd, I'm angry and Moping. Give me a fucking Doona Fortress and too many Pillows already. Food makes me want to vomit (not because I'm rectic but because I'm stressed) but strangely enough Chocolate, Booze and Cigarettes are the only thing that don't make me want to puke, they are just really bad for me in the quantities I wish to consume them in.

Uni is bugging me out and consuming all my free time, money is gay, weather has turned shit and I am stuck at a fucking desk all day doing shit fuck all that is completely unimportant and most importantly totally uninteresting.

Telstra cut off my Parents Internet and they are bobbing around the Sea without any Communication devices, they asked me to sort it out for them and I was on the phone for an Hour and Twenty minutes and got absolutely no answer out of anyone. I made three Formal Complaints in one phone call, screamed excessively and boiled my Blood to a temperature well above 100 Degrees. On top of that Connex cancelled my train this morning. Why does the Earth suck so much?

I'm pulling a day off tomorrow which would be an awesome opportunity to do all the things I have been meaning to do forever, like Dye my Blonde regrowth, head to Butterfly in Prahran, fix my broken nail and lie in a Bubble Bath all day. Problem with (almost) all of them is they cost fucking money and take time, my pay clears Saturday so theres no money till then and all this weekend I have no fucking time. ASSHOLES

I know there are much more serious problems in the world today then my spoilt little bitch ones but sometimes you just need to let it all OUT. Thankfully I have done that, hopefully now I can move on.

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