Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Greatest Movie Ever....

I love awkward teenage girl stuff, perhaps it's the fact I never grew boobs that I can still totally identify with the awkwardness of pre-pubescentness. Nobody does it better than the classic 90s movie "Welcome to the Dollhouse". This is my shit right here. It's depressing but hilarious at the same time. Dawn is so cute in a really pathetic heart wrenchingly embarassing way. I think everyone felt like her at some stage, and if you haven't you were obviously one of those pretty blond girls who had a boyfriend at 14. I hate those girls. Those girls suck and have shit jobs now and big fat tuckshop arms and can't tan. Ahhh facebook, i fucking love you.

If you haven't seen this shit, buy it, steal it, just watch it. Dopeeeee.