Monday, 15 September 2008

Stop it now: Harem pants

Is anyone over seeing this shit coz i am. Heaps of brands keep pimpin these harem stylez shit and all i can think of is how gross your thighs rubbin together would feel. Ew and Ow. They must be for hella skinny gweneth paltrow legs style girls, or ano's trying to hide their bones. HOT! I will kick any mayorette in the baby-maker if i see them wearin deez shits. Believe dat!


Hayley said...

I'm going back to the MIA page to burn my retina's again.

Anonymous said...

didnt MC Hammer do this shit some years ago? worked well for him. cant see why it wouldnt work again. I'm gettin some.

Anonymous said...

I hate these shits! they make you look like you've got a poo filled nappy on.. and that you love going up to Byron cos it's so 'alternative' Shit is wack!!

-jess cat