Friday, 26 September 2008

Sponsorship Required

Mr Rascal is playing tonight and I have now decided instead of moping on the couch and crying about my recent Divorce I would like to go, but I am in no position to pay $60 + Booking Fee to see him at the corner. Particularly on the throw my money into a bucket of alcohol and clothing tip I've been on recently. Shit is going to get so gnarly and two minute noodle like closer to payday.

So party people with all the hookups I am proposing you donate 2 tickets to this worthy cause so I can drag Alex with me and we can give you the following in return;

Blog Fame
Photos with the Mayorettes
Buy You A Drink
Make You an Internet Hero

I wish there was more that wasn't so arrogant and vapid but its all I got. If you are a Size 9 Mens I could probably donate a pair of my sneakers. All offers or emails to

Alternatively I would really like some Buttery Movie Popcorn so if any of the girls want to catch a flick hit me up!


Mr Bananas said...

the back door of the corner is always on a latch...easy access

Community College said...

awww i only just saw this now, i should of got on my mag-ho blower and hit peeps up for free tiks. last time i tried for dizee earlier this year they said no tho the fuckers! i'm catchin him at parklife but which i did get a free tik too so don't feel too shite but i'm so down for a movie it just me or does House Bunny look kinda funny. hahhaha