Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Speaking of Festivals

The 1st Announcement for the Big Day Out 2009 Lineup has now been made. I am overcome with a sense of Excitement and Confusion.

Arctic Monkeys
The Prodigy
TV On The Radio
The Ting Tings

Neil Young
The Living End
All the Other Emo Bands I have never Heard of.

So as far as first rounds go I am not overly compelled to throw my money at the promoters. The best thing about Big Day Out season is the After Party at Cookie and the numerous Side Shows where you can catch your favourite acts without the Tool fans. It will also give me a chance to stalk Alex Turner, he's not quite Mark but his Music makes up for what he lacks in looks, which isn't much in the above picture.

The Prodigy is also super super super exciting and particularly Nostalgic, listening to their music gives me a vivid picture of who I was at that age, what I was doing and all the things that happened to me at that time. That is by far the single best quality about a great album. The Fat of the Land LP played a massive part of my early musical education, whether it is cool to admit it or not, it put me in touch with much more of their older catalogue and heaps of early 90's electronic music that I had never heard of. It was certainly a gateway drug in my Musical Knowledge.

Even more so was also from the Prodigy camp, the Liam Howlett Dirtchamber Sessions mixtape did a great justice to my understanding of early days Hip Hop and the beats from which it Spawned, taking in elements of Punk, Hip Hop and Electronica it is an LP I have held onto well over 10 years, which is a pretty signigifant space in my small time on this earth. He is now married to Natalie Appleton from UK Girl Outfit All Saints, who I must say I was quite partial too around a similar time to Fat of the Land.

Somewhere sometime after Australia Day and Big Day Out week and having no money from drinking every night of the week, being sunburnt from sitting outside the pub from 11am, sneaking into gigs and trying to blag free tickets from the door bitch there is Good Vibrations. I haven't heard anything about the lineup (maybe Alex the Superstar Insider has?) but you can try and guess it here. I gave it two pages, felt stupid and gave up, but if anyone wants to sit at their computer, work it out and email me I will put a photo of them on the blog and make them a hero!

Alternatively we can all wait 2 days until October 2nd where it will be announced. Fingers crossed for Santogold. That is really the only 'Hip Hop' thing I care about at the moment unless someone is going to grow some balls and bring out Tribe, De La, Pharcyde, Wu and Nas.

And for Big Day Out 2nd Announcement the Kings of Leon and The Strokes will get me there. We shall see.


Community College said...

ooh i will use my magical festival insight to find out the lineup, good vibes line up is always dope. I had so much fun at the last one. i can't do big day outs, rage blackout central, last one i was at metallica played AND it was on the goldcoast, that is a savage combo you have to see to believe. hopefully there will be some good hiphop at goodvibes. i want rhymefest and kids in the hall damnit! i have a feeling they'll bring out something huge, like NERD, i feel it in my waters. I should probably just ask matt guidinski, i do work in the mushroom building afterall haha i'm such a dumb cunt.

Hayley said...

Oh man, All Saints encouraged me to wear singlet tops with baggy cargo pants to dance class, matched with straight hair (out of course, good for flicking).

Prodigy certainly takes me back too. I was putting glitter stars on my cheeks, sporting 2 buns and rocking my one stars/gazelles to the tunes of Music For The Gilted Generation. And the days when Liam was just the dancer for the group hahaha! Remember Charly? That was from the first album I think. Oh boy, I'm gonna have to post some music later today and bask in my own flashbacks.

I remember seeing the Prodigy at BDO 94 (95?). I was wearing a down to the floor a-line skirt (silver) and a hot pink Hysteric Glamour tee. I had sparkers and yes, I used them. I totally fell in love with Maxim that day...he is so bloody tall. Taller than Spooney. I have hazy recollections of him standing on the front of the stage stretching out his huge wingspan with pyrotechnics going off in the background. Dreamy. Ha!

They also played in Canberra a couple of times. At the Asylum and the Private Bin...for $5. Bargain!

Sanchez said...
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kt said...

i suck balls at those clues thing, but i've read a bunch of guesses and everyones crazy convinced there's fatboy slim (apparently he's now been confirmed?) and the roots.

other random guesses i've read are
house of pain
micky slim
salt n pepa

i have no idea who some of them are.

but whats shiiiiiit (for me) is that brisbane loses good vibes to the gold coast again next year...alex can attest to how bullshit that is! boo :(

Anonymous said...

the bdo seems to be repeating headliners of 10-15 years ago....
Kings and the Strokes are the key...

Miglet said...

First BDO line-up that has made me reconsider my "I don't do festivals" mantra. I think it could be time to release my inner rock nerd and get my elbows out (to get through the crowd of tweens that will no doubt get in my way). At least I'm 20kgs heavier than the last time I went ... I'll have some weight behind me this time round!

Oh, and Hayles, at BDO ’97, I met The Prodigy, they are lovely boys.

Hayley said...

Cheers Migs, ohhh I'm getting old, all the BDO's I hit up in the 90's are melting into one memory.

Maybe we'll have to hit up a Prodigy sideshow?

Anon - Strokes will be dope! Can't go wrong with KOL either.

Hayley said...

Think I need to start saving for sideshows huh?