Thursday, 18 September 2008

Cutest Shoes Ever!

I have stumbled upon a little brand called Keep (via Pick Your Shoes) that make the sweetest little Sneakers ever!

They probably aren't really what I would call 'my style' but I really love the fact that are being (far more) innovative in their style and fastenings and I love these fold down Suede Boots.

I also absolutely love these Vans x Dave the Chimp, to accompany the matching Skateboard and Tee.

I also absolutely have to stop shopping as I am going to be so fucking poor and stylish that I won't be able to eat soon. Net a Porter Sale is damaging to my health, well its better than stuffing my face with Mexican Food, Sangria, Japanese Takeaway, Caramel Slice, Coffee, Muffins and all the rest of it.