Saturday, 27 September 2008

Feel the Heat!

Behold the new issue in all of it's awesomeness!
Cover shot by Estevan Oriol and featuring gear from Hellz Bellz, Princess of the Posse and Cubannie Links.

The new ACCLAIM will be out when you read this (I'm told) so get on it, as okay, kinda biased, here but it's like the awesomest issue everrrrr! Check our cover by the awesome Estevan Oriol. Inside is another dope spread by him but you'll have to buy it to see it *wink*. Haha. Estevan was so great and easy to deal with, it truly was an honour to work with such an awesome LA icon and the results were fantastic. Inside this issue are a bunch of other rad shit like Hayley Mei gear in our photoshoot which I helped style (well the girls haha). There's an interview with Kid Sister, DJ Yoda, Lemar and Dauley, profile of KJ from Not Bad for a Girl and all this other cool stuff that I can't remember coz I have pushed it out of my memory from looking at the fucking thing for so long! Ooh wait, it's my first issue where I got to write the editor's forward. Yes it's history baby. I'm available to sign copies at the launch party (news coming soon!). Haha. Get on it!

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