Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Frankston Fashions

I skipped the Brownlow in favour of Jeremy Clarkson in Top Gear, I was not disappointed, but I did manage to catch a glimpse of some absolute shockers on the Red Carpet at the end of Today Tonight. Speaking of Today Tonight Anna Coren is such a fuckhead. Seriously kill your scriptwriter, breathe some life into your Wig like hair and move on with life.

Most of the regulars have got it down pat, Rebecca Twiggley (Chris Judd) and Lauren Phillips (Gary Abblett) looked demure, classy and not at all overdone in their little outfits.

However Carla McGuire, as always, looked like a Coture Train Wreck. Never has the saying 'Money Can't Buy You Taste' been more true.

In a similar vain were Amy Pollard (Luke Ball) and Shayne McClintock (Brent Harvey), sorry girls this is not the Year 10 Frankston Formal.

Alex Fevola (Wife of the ever classy Breno Favola) put the rest of your dress on.

And Katie Chivers (Brett Deledio) cover your Britney Up.

Reminiscent of of Jason Gram's armcandy, Kaiti Williams, who gets a mention for spelling Katie, Kaiti. Exotic.

Notable absentees were Tanya Buckley, she had just given birth to Dominic Buckley, future captain of Collingwood, and I'm sure didn't feel like hitting the tiles with Nath. However we can remember her stellar past efforts with this number.

I think overall there was less notable train wrecks this year, which is somewhat disappointing as its really the only good reason to watch the brownlow. Its boring when everyone looks ok. Ben Cousin's spiced things up by taking his Mum.

Congratulations to the winner, National Ranger Day every September 23rd!


Community College said...

haha great post soph, you should work for the paper. My fav was the bitch in the orange jlo number, i literally laughed out loud when i saw it. Good on her i say, she was like "fuck it, i'm a fucking star! this is the VMAs as far as I'm concerned". Her bod looked so shite haha. she looks like the bitch i hate the most on taken out.

I Miss Cigarettes... said...

omg i thought the same @ chick in orange jlo... i was thinkin bitch jlo would make u look stupid at her heaviest being pregnant... fuck talk bout cicra 98 anyways, yuk.. orange never looks good on a fake tan anyways, god. i love this post! hahaha.. awesome