Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Last Saturday Night - Ratbags at the Local

Sometimes you don't need to head into the city to cause trouble, when you are lazy and there's a BBQ nearby, why not just pop up the road to your local?

Here are some flicks to help you all remember:

Now this is how you request a song:

Spooney meets the Mayorettes again and gets his i-lebrity shot (check out the head in the middle...what the f! It's coming out of Soph D's mouth! Spooky)

DJ Danielsan

Cross blog love

OMG! I've seen you on the interweb! No Wai!

My favourites

Here kitty!


This is pretty much what it looked like while I was walking home:

Spooney Vs Everybody:

Part 1

Part 2

1 comment:

Community College said...

haha we're all gross drunk sluts aren't we. we need to wear some dresses and stop drinking hard spirits. that head coming out of sophs mouth is terrifying! its a spirrrrriiiitttttt, woooooooooo.