Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Death to Sneakers

Shit like this makes me want to puke. I can't wait till the next batch of Surf Dive and Ski retards are running around the streets with their Fake Bape (Fape), bad New Era's and Acne ridden cheeks. Hot.

What amuses me the most is out of all the terrible metallic, patent and blinged out fucked up shoes Supra make, they are supposed to be a Skate company? What kind of fuckhead skaters would wear a pair of White and Gold hi tops covered in Patent shit. Not self respecting ones thats for sure. Get a pair of fucking SB's!

Ditto the New Balance x Atmos Holograms. Are people designing Sneakers on PCP these days? Is anyone actually willing to tell me these look good and you would wear them? Fuck that.

If you couldn't tell I'm not in the best mood and felt the need to take it out on Supra.

Luckily there are some people not using cheap drugs in the 'Streetwear' industry. Alife have teamed up with Girl Skateboards for these little pieces of Wood Heaven.

Similarly Adidas have just dropped their Fall Winter stuff and it is 100% Patent Free. Classy and Understated, just what you want to see in a Gazelle.

And those that know me well enough, know that I am quite the fan of an Adidas Tracksuit, so it will come as no surprise that I would love an Adidas Super Track Suit, available in all kinds of fun materials like Leather, Tartan and Denim. Get my thug on.

And the Bubbles of all Bubbles, Dom Pérignon, have teamed up their Vintage Rosé with Pop Artist Sylvie Fleury to create a set of limited Edition Glasses with their 1998 Rosé. Available unsurprisingly at Collete. Today is a Wishing I lived in Paris with a giant Income day.

Hopefully you don't have the same highly charged emotional reactions when you surf the net.


Paul said...

I wouldn't imagine defending those supras for a minute, however I don't think you can claim they aren't repping the skate community, I personally think they are one of the stronger brands out there right now. I mean you going to tell me Etnies or DC do a better job? Hell even Nike drop retarted releases. But back to dc here is a point in case of them and they wack asses trying to get 'street'.

Community College said...

hmm, guess who owns gold suprassss haha

I Miss Cigarettes... said...

They so ugly they be hot! LOL hehe