Wednesday, 17 September 2008

"hot leggggssss" *this is to be sung like the ZZtop song

I kinda hate heels. Well i like the look but i can't really get past how much they fuck my feet and make me angry if i have to wear them more than 100m. When shoes draw blood i think somethings up. However that said, i reallllly love these new heels by London artist Insa

At first i thought 200 pounds was pretty steep but I guess women spend that kinda money on designer heels all the time and these are a collabo with a good label too, don't know it as I know nothing bout shoes but looks pretty quality. Can a web-based sugar daddy buy these for me please! I will give you an e-handjob, haha.

Speaking heels and handjobs, it's no secret Insa has a fetish for the ol' heels. Check out his blog, it has heaps of awesome art based around heels and booty girls and gorgeous patterns. I'm loving it. I mean what's not to love, check out the space for a exhibiton/party he had recently:

Yep those are GIANT heels!! Is it not the awesomest shit ever?

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