Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Ho on the go

For all you hos out there (you know who you are), here's the 'Ho on the Go' kit available here. Containing a refresher towel....for your face i'm guessing, tooth brush and tooth paste, a dom and a thong. Have this in your bag and you're ready like freddy! If freddy was a big ol whore that is. It would be a cute gift for a friend though if she was a bit of a slut and you could could all have a laugh and she would probably need it one day. Personally i couldn't think of anything worse than wearing an ill-fitting thong after a one night stand (ow!) but hey, could be better than just rolling out of bed straight into your skinny jeans commando style and leggin it to work with unbrushed teeth and pash rash and stealing a new work shirt from the store room upstairs while dousing yourself in impulse you found in the staff bathroom. Hey, we've all been there ladies!


I Miss Cigarettes... said...

where was this when i was 19 living in a crack den back in sydney?! ... hahaha kids these days get all the fun :p hahaha... loving it!

Sunny said...

Oh gurrrrrlll. Pat field did not make this, I did...Ho!

Love you lots for posting!

Community College said...

Haha Sorry Sunny! I've amended the details, so it's all you now gfriend!