Sunday, 7 September 2008

fall from greatness

Last week this Commonwealth Bank atm on Swanston was spitting out 50 dolla notes instead of 20's. Me and about a million others thought we had finally hit the jackpot and finally the little man was getting one up on the man. I took out 600 bucks which turned into like 1300 or some shit....i was so very happy. It came round to friday this week and I thought I'd got away with this shit and could pay my credit card off and buy awesome shit....then i tried to get 20 bucks out and my account was 600 bucks overdrawn. THE FUCKERS!!!! They took it back! It was their fault! there must be alot of sad sonsabitches like me around this weekend. Luckily I didn't spend it all but still pretty devo.
A drunk paul and i took some photos that splendid nite when we got home however and I will at least have that. For one night I felt like a total baller. Enjoy the majesty that is.....CC AND THE STOLEN FIDDYS...

I get photographed alot on the floor lately.

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kt said...

hay i just had a thought - the commonwealth fuckers have prob charged you an overdraw fee too!! you should check that!

how shit are they, i got an email from them today saying i'm approved to overdraw up to $1000

"Whether you need to buy some text books, pay a bill or just need to get through to your next pay day"

which is like, story of my life. except the catch is theres like interest rates and shit, way to try appeal to and trick us students and plebs.