Sunday, 7 September 2008

Boys On The Side: Hayley Mei x Matt Roach

HM is for the ladies, yes. But occasionally I make some secret stuff for boys, on the side.

Last night, CC and I did the Melbourne Fashion Week thing for the first time ever. We'll definitely be doing more of it next year, it was fun and you get product bags. Freebies are the best. I finally got to wear my Addict trench coat - hooray!

I've been working on a collab with Matt Roach for a couple of months (why I've been so slow answering emails and returning calls) for the Mixed Tape parade held last night at Melbourne Town Hall. Matt designed a fantastic menswear collection drawing inspiration from Spawn, hence chains galore, a few Swarovski's here and there with a host of roughed up stainless steel skulls.

CC (in ice cream dress), wondering where the bar is haha


Earlybirds waiting for the show to start. At this stage I was petrified about the amount of time I had to dress 4 models - about 5 minutes.

All I could think of was that the chains were sitting backstage on a rack, like this:

It took me hours to colour code the tabs and write instructions for the dressers. I felt content that if there were any f ups, the chain's would still look OK. Then I found out that I was able to dress the models myself, I was happy about that but freaked out at the same time, that it was up to me.

I experienced the most frantic 5 minutes of my life backstage before the show started. I won't give you a step by step account, take my word for it. Let's just say that extra attachments and pliers came in handy.

Huge thank you's to the people that helped me too - I owe you drinks! Seriously.

Matt on the catwalk

Parade in action

Have a look here for more pics.


Community College said...

yay! fun nite!! like how you ommited all the pads n tamps from the goodie bag hahah.
but yeah we totes need to keep goin to this shiz. love it!

Hayley said...

Ahh yes, I managed to leave the piles of promo pads and tampons out.

I forgot to mention the free V's we got too. Free free FREEEEE!