Monday, 1 September 2008

Monday Music

Uggghhhh it's Monday again. Hopefully this will cheer you up!

I haven't included the imeem version because it just isn't worth listening to without the video.


miss c said...

hahaha - this is going to be stuck in my head all day now!

Community College said...

she swims like a retard! great boobs tho damn. Is it just me or do you see nip around 0.45? workin at Acclaim is clearly turning me into a dude.

Big Dub said...

Sabrina the Teenage Whore.

Hayley said...

Miss C - hahaha! I know, boys boys boys!

CC - I think there's nip the whole way through. It's not just Acclaim, I think I watched the entire vid looking at her boobs

Big Dub - Mwahahaha!

Uhhh anyone notice the waiter walking around in the pool with his clothes on? How's that for service? I s'pose you'd do anything to get a look at those titties.