Saturday, 8 November 2008

What in the..

YO MELBOURNE! "The White Squall" wants it's weather back.
How the fuck does anyone live in this place. It's November for christ's sake! I'm not dealing, I know I talk about weather far more than the average person should but Melbourne is actually fucking ridiculous.

When googling images of the White Squall I found this image..

Damn, cut me off a piece of that mid-nineties sandwich action! I never remembered them getting all lord of the flies up in that movie. Never was much of a ryan philipeeee fan, girls he has gay-face so hard. He's just to girly man, but Bailey Salinger ahhhh, whats his real name Scott Wolf, yeah I loved his ass when I was ten. I loved Party of Five so hard when I was ten. I remember a scene where he was jumping on his bed and singing to that Live song "I alonnne lovvveee yooouuuu" haha and I thought he was really hot. Then he became a total man-whore in the show and it turned me off. Actually I grew tired of it when Charlie got cancer, everyone just cried ALL THE TIME! It was so boring. What ever happened to Neve Campbell, she was rad.


Hayley said...

We'll be having a brief summer this week yay!

miss c said...

Yay to sunshine & warm weather!

Why can't it happen while we're not at work though?

Community College said...

I reckon! i'll just be sweating balls in my cooped up office that smells like boy. booooo