Friday, 21 November 2008

Rain rain go away....

So I can go to this shits....I probably won't end up going because I've vowed not to go out this weekend but if I do go out...I'll be going to this. No picture sorry, so you'll just have to imagine....

To celebrate SCHWIPE's summer range 'take a trip dowunder', we're paying homage to the greatest moment in Australian sporting history:
the winning of the Americas cup race in 1983, by Australia II.

It was time when men at work's "dowunder" was #1, the boxing kangaroo flag waved everywhere,
and none of us , apart from anyone over 30, can remember.

so wear SMOOTH OZ YACHT ROCK style , and let's party like it's '83.
To honor this, we'll be playing smooth sailing tunes from 70's 'n' 80's.

Let DJ's DOUBLE THREAT (PEPPERONI VS TIMES) and FOLEY guide you through the
smooth sunset of good times and saling vibe.

And if that aint enuff, WAVE RAVE downstairs from 12am with Belgium.

Get there to the 1/10th rennovated Mercat Cross (456 Queens st, nth melbourne) upstairs deck at 7-9pm for FREE BBQ 'n' BEER.
Our kind friends at GROLSCH will be providing the BEER and our buddies at WEST COAST COOLER
will be suppyling the WEST COAST COOLER.


where: 456 Queen st , nth melbourne (opp. vic market)
when: saturday nite, 22nd november, 7pm

Actually on second look it doesn't look that great. haha I dunno. I'm tired as right now so anything looks shit to me right now. Let me know if you go.


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Hayley said...

West Coast Cooler! Ahahahaaa