Wednesday, 12 November 2008

"You've got red on you"

Since I posted about my secret Seth Green crush, a whole bunch of girls have spoken to me and confessed the same. Seems it's not so uncommon... It has also been completely bizarre that today all of the papers have been reporting that SG climbed 11m up the Opera House walls late last year...and he has a movie "Sex Drive" coming out on Thursday. It would probably be in his best interest to let the Mayorettes interview him.

Awww bummer:

I Miss Cigarettes has also professed her secret red crush and this got me thinking about redheads of note:



Any others?


miss c said...

What about Michael C Hall (Dexter)?!

Josh Homme (QOTSA), Lucille Ball, Mick Hucknall.. the list could go on foever!

Miglet said...

My first "series" boyfriend was the reddest red-head you have ever seen, with THE longest eyelashes known to man. He was weird but he was sweet. Ran into him at Zode's exhibition earlier this year and he is even more gorgeous now cos he has rockabilly hair and seems to have stopped buying his shoes from the op-shop.

Anonymous said...

MMMmmm Jason Bateman (pretty dark ginga tho)

However gaydar was flashing when I saw the shorts for Sex Drive and saw Seth's Armish character.. I could be wrong.. but we all know I'm right about Mark Ronson (Sophie needs to stop living in denial!)

Love Jessie x x

I Miss Cigarettes... said...

I had a crush on lead singer of SIMPLY RED.........................LOL............. i think it was his voice really and hes such buckwild dude, lots of attitude, i loved that.