Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Ronson, Again

So I am pretty sure Mark Ronson is in town for a week, which started last Friday night, so its now Wednesday and I have still not seen/stalked/interviewed Mr Ronson other than with a crowd of a few thousand people at Global Gathering. Considering I am no longer a 9 - Fiver and that most days this week have been spent in Melbourne City at numerous Breakfast, Brunch and Bar spots this is a poor effort.

But upon checking his MySpace blog I see a post from the 25th November stating he is in a hotel room in Sydney, Global Gathering Brisbane is on Saturday, Sydney Sunday and then he's off to Tel Aviv. It would seem I have failed in my mission, whatever the hell that mission was.

However I did get these pretty photos of his set, which was completely fucking Amazing, so that is a memory I can keep forever, however if anyone can put him in touch with us for an interview on Mayoress we would be forever appreciative.

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