Thursday, 13 November 2008


Warning - Massive Bimbo Post

I haven't seen The Hills in a few weeks and I am somewhat torn between dyiing to see it and realising its not that important.

The dying part is winning. The last one I saw was Season 4, Episode 410 and now they are up to 414! But, as I found out a few weeks ago, has disabled the ability to view the Episodes on MTV Overdrive if you are not inside the US. A lovely blogger kindly informed me that was still viewable and I got through the last few on that. But now both won't work and there is nothing on YouTube.

So if anyone knows where I can get Episodes 411-414 get at me!

All that said, whilst searching for an amazing image to put with this post I stumbled on a Rolling Stone story on the girls that they did for the Cover Story in April.

"I'm so thrilled to be sitting here right now," Heidi says, sipping a glass of rosé. "I'm so thrilled to have Heidi," Spencer says. "We're like peanut butter and jelly times a billion, you know?"

I actually watch this fucking shit?

Not only that but Heidi is trying to get into Politics? Surely you have to know how to spell to do that.

The New York Times referred to Heidi as a "kind of feminist hero," and barely two weeks ago, Heidi announced that she was endorsing John McCain for president, and McCain actually publicly responded, calling her "a very talented actress."

Heidi, who hadn't yet registered to vote, was ecstatic: "If he becomes president, I'm in that Lincoln suite!"

"Heidi's goal is to become the richest woman in the world so that she can save the planet," Spencer says. "She's gonna be the Mother Teresa, Princess Diana, the first lady that's going to go and drop money on another country."

And what about Spencer? President of the United States?

"One hundred percent," he says.

"Yeah!" Heidi exclaims. "It's really for real!"

"The game plan isn't on paper," Spencer says. "But I definitely want to be mayor of L.A. and governor of California."

God help California, Mother Teresa and the World at Large.


Community College said...

that Rolling Stones cover is totally hot! Can we reinact it and photograph it haha. I reckon we'd be way hotter, and it can say "Mayoress - OMG! Are they totally awesome!"

Anonymous said...

I could stay online all day on this site watching all the shows i want..It just gives you all the links to watch shows, best thing the links are up just after it has showed in the states.

Hayley said...

Anon. - Oh my god, you are my hero! x