Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Shoes and shiz

Hey I haven't blogged proper in ages, and I have bout a trillion picsa I wanna post but my computer is dying a slow and wickid death (i'm told i need an external hard-drive, or something...) so I'm too scared to download them onto my computer and be the straw that broke the retards back. I've actually been up to heaps, went to Sydney last week, have drank more than anyone 5'4 oughtta, have yakked twice from over indulgence (once on a plane, am I part of the mile high club now??) saw snoop dogg sorta...and met like a trillion new nice peeps. I can't show you pics of any of this yet though.
So in the meantime....can someone buy me these shoes.

I love 70s style wedges, braided leather ahhhh. I have some kinda similar one which are ahem Diana Ferrari hahah but they're super comfy, coz like old ladies wear that brand. I once had a pair of sandler heels (another old lady brand) and they were black patent leather peep toe and seriously more comfortable than sneakers, they were amazing. Old lady shit is where it's at if you can find ones that don't suck or have *gag* block heels.

These ones aren't old lady but they're by Sydney label Andrea and Joen and they make the best shoes ever. They also have these hot ass sandles in barramundi leather!! yum! haha.

I have the craziest tannest feet ever, it's kinda bizarre actually but would look rad in this white. Sugar Daddies apply now! You don't even have to be that rich as this shit is cheap really. For those Sugar Daddies who can't afford Soph, I'm the sloppy seconds you're after. Haha

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