Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Amy Amy Amy

It feels like minutes ago that I was working in London (ahem Essex ssssh don't tell anyone) and this song Rehab had just broken UK Radio. I asked around, was told of this Jazz singer called Amy Winehouse who had released an album a year or two beforehand called Frank. This is when she looked like this;

Upon return to Australia there was no Rehab on the Radio, the song took another few months to Break, but I managed to grab Back to Black off Migglet and could not believe how fantastic it was. Talking to Mexi (the musical knowledge keeper so much responsible for any good taste in music that I have, particularly of the UK Variety) he gave me a copy of said Frank and I think those two albums were all I listened to for at least a year. I am still not even remotely sick of either. By the time Rehab dropped in Australia Amy was looking more like this and Mexi and I were drooling about her, whilst I was learning the ins and outs of Ronson and the Dap Kings.

Scores of Women started wearing Eyeliner, Fred Perry, Skinny Skinny Skinny hipster Jeans and taking their inspiration from the 50's Pin Up with the 80's Gold Jewellery and a Nod to the Swinging 60's. Amy has had an undeniably massive influence on Fashion, particularly in the revival of the Cinched 50's Waist we saw last (Northern Hemisphere) Spring/Summer 09 Collections.

But before those dresses hit the Catwalk, things with Amy had started to go sour. I remember having another 'I Love Amy' moment with Mexi when he broke the news that she had been caught in some hotel room with a hooker smoking Crack, Smack and probably Carpet Lint. Amy started looking like this on a regular basis, not long after her quickie wedding in Miami to Blake Fielder-Civil.

And from there it was well and truly on, crack binges with Pete Doherty and Infant Mice showed up on You Tube, less and less Teeth, Court appearances, Overdoses, Rehab, Blake in Jail, Peroxide Blonde Hair, lack of Music, Horror Performances and a divided universe as to whether she was another Untalented Junkie or Musical Genius.

She isn't Dead yet, which is pretty surprising, but we haven't seen any further releases in a really long time. She got booted off the Lead Soundtrack Song for the upcoming Bond Quantum of Solace film, produced by Mark Ronson, the rumor was that she just didn't show up to the Studio and if she did was too fucked out to talk let alone sing. But making news this morning was her new hair do and the frightening realisation that she isn't looking any better than usual.

Her hubby is out of jail but neglected to call her and tell her. She doesn't look clean as in sober nor does she look clean as in just washed and dried. But I will always hold eternal optimism for Amy, that one day she can look back (a la Britney) with a long mane of lushious locks, a full mouth of teeth and a twinkle in her eye that is not chemically related, whilst she is on the promotional tour for her new LP and doing a sellout show at Brixton Academy. If you are not familiar with her work do not be daunted by the drugs, go and have a listen, it is amazing stuff.


Miglet said...

God love her.

She needs a smack upside her head though cos she is wasting her "talent". Some of us don't have a talent that will make us oodles and oodles of mula. And give us an opportunity to wear extremely expensive, cleavage-enhancing hot 50s numbers (or even a beehive wig). So, while I, too, love her, I also want to punch her.

Community College said...

i love how cracked out amy is. such a breath of fresh (cigarete flavoured) air from boring ass fuckwits like Delta and Alicia Keyes. Snnnnnooooooozefest. Delta needs to get some crack into her. if she is quite possibly the boringest bitch to walk the planet.

I Miss Cigarettes... said...

Haha fuck-a-delta... God she makes me cringe. Her bfs cooler then she is!

As for Amy, Frank is one of my fav albums. And i came across her shit by fluke, i cant even remember how now, probably because the song stronger than me got some radio play here for awhile...and i got curious cause that voice was so hot

But yeah, i gotta say i love my cracked out amy. I just hope she can make some more music before she kaks it before shes 30.