Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Hangin for a Feed

I apologise, for how bogan the title of this post is, but I'm just over one month away from going home to Brisbane for Christmas (or Chrissie as people from Brissie would say) and my bogan Queensland roots are starting to take hold. I can't wait to get up there man. Although the place is basically a war zone at the moment and all fucked up coz there was this massive storm but hopefully it will be fixed (and sunny) by the time I get there. And do you know the first thing I'm doing when I get there? Going to motherfuckin Hogs Breath Cafe.

Now I know Hogs Breath is national but for some reason I just associate it with Queensland. I like the fine things in life like nice wine and tapas and shit but I also REALLY love bogan stuff like big fuck-off steaks with mash, corn and 'pigs tails', which are chips but curly, bliss! I've only been to this joint a couple times but it was like the best steak i've ever had in my life. And the interior is all shit and bogan and you just drink lots of beer and listen to shit music. Check out this HAWT interior:

I think there was a school of thought in interior design in the early 90s where basically if you wanted to make a successful restaurant franchise you had to have a car or plane hanging from the ceiling or busting out the front of the facade of the building. So lame, but I fuckin love that lame shit! My dream for the holidays is to go stay at Surfers Paradise for a few nights in a tacky hotel and have lunch at the Hogs Breath there. Surfers is the mecca for cars hanging from the ceiling kinda joints. You either love or hate Surfers and I fuckin love it. It's so early 90s. I just associate it with being a little kid. There's also a firing range right in the middle of the main mall which I wanna check out too. Steak, surf and shooting baby. That's Queensland. It's about as far as possible from Melbourne at Surfers and I think that's just what I want for my holidays. Haha. I can't wait to eat this fact maybe I'll go to Chadstone and get one this weekend haha. I can't wait to blog when I'm in Qld and you guys can witness the beauty and enchantment that is Brissie and the Gold Coast.

I don't even know what that white shit is, but I'm down.

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Sanchez said...

I'm pretty sure that white shit on the steak is what Queenslanders call 'jizz lookin shit', not to be confused with actual jizz. No one knows what it is so they relate it to something it resembles.

While we're on the subject, man I love a good surf and turf. seafood and half a cow living harmoniously on your plate. I think we can all learn a lesson from the creators of the surf and turf.

Can you bring me back a lime flavoured Breaka? PLEASE!?