Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Cup Eve at Hi Fi

How naughty of me, I went out! I can't stay inside for ever!!!!!! I'm sure the crap weather and rain didn't do me any favours though.

I haven't been to an Oz Hip Hop show in ages - shame on me. Mexi, Spooney and I headed out to the Hi Fi Bar for Some Muph and Plutonic, Urthboy (and a fantastic Jane Tyrrell), D'Opus and Roshambo, Mexi and then some.

Let's start with a mocktail, shall we? (Thanks Jacob!). For any new readers out there, I am not a loser, I'm on anti-biotics. Still.

Left to our own devices, Spooney and I kicked the night off as Statler and Waldorf. "We're old and angry and annoyed. Why are those boys wearing tight jeans? Look at all the Globe shoes! We don't know this song! Get off the stage! What are we doing here? Booooo!" It was short lived, turns out we had a fun time.

The winning pic feat. Bonez

Spooney raids the rider

More here.


Miglet said...

Devo. I was supposed to go to that, too. Even had my name on the door! Alas, I had to work Cup Day so shenanigans were out of the question.


Community College said...

OMG do we have stickers???? or is that just some crazy cooincidence. Anyhoo looked like a fun night, love the muppet gag, haha I feel like those dudes all the time. Sorry i couldn't make it but throwing up in public on chapel st and humiliating my boyfriend were very high priorities that night. xoxox

Hayley said...

Aww Migs, would have been fun... boo to working cup day!

CC - I got some stickers made up to put on my snowboard back in Feb. Still have some left - hooray! Will def get more made soonish.

Community College said...

woohoo my mac is giddy from anticipation in getting stucked with one of those stickers. my mac is a girl and she is a whore for stickers and doesn't work very hard...woah she's ME! Now if only she was obsessed with fast food and we really would be twins. I just ate two hotdogs. :)