Thursday, 20 November 2008

Launches and Jehst. But most importantly, new shoes!!

Mmm tasty delicious.

Soph D, Sanch and I headed over to Provider for the Nike Tier 0 launch. I was a total nerd and decided we had to get there early, I was ready to get my elbows out and cause a riot to get my MOB x Dunks.

Hello Hans!


Ahhhh fresh pair. First pair bought in Australia? Maybe so. 1 size too big but that's how it goes.

Then headed over to Wax Museum to the Jehst signing. Spot the Jehst...sorry I was being a bit lazy with the camera


Sanchez said...

I thought it was Spring! Why are we all wearing jackets and hoodies?

Miglet said...

Because you live in the Burn now.

It's like that Crowded House song, y'know Four Seasons in one Day, except it's been more like one season. I call in Springter. It's supposed to be spring but it's more like winter.

Sanchez said...

That's fucksexed in the assbum.

Hayley said...

This Springster has gone on long enough!

Miglet said...

True and true.