Monday, 10 November 2008


So yeah I totally want this bike. It's about as un-fixie as you can get. And yeah I know it's gross but I would totally love it.
Plus the wheels have Hello Kitty indented into them so it's prints it into the sand and shiz in a little trail behind you, all the easier for pedophiles to track down little girls I'm guessing.

But yeah I reckon we get a girl gang going and fuck off boys and ride around and channel our inner 12 year olds like in Now and Then. Remember that movie. I love their clothes. I wanna be Christina Ricci!

I think they also rodes bikes in Virgin Suicides. They had cute clothes in that too.

Virgin Suicides was like the only movie that made me ever wanna be blond. I was like awwww they're like so pure and delicate looking, I am so inpure and dirty gypsy, you know since we've been brought up our whole lives to think only blond girls can be princesses and angels and fairies and shit. I remember in pre-school this stupid bitch mum of one of the kids said I couldn't be goldie locks when we were playing around because I wasn't blond, I was pretty fuckin pissed. When I was little I so wanted to be blond, now I'm like whatevs! When blonds get it right they look amazing and angelic, (scarlet, cate, kirsten) but when they get it wrong and 97% of blonds do, well like look like they should be on Big Brother. So yeah guess I need to get over the anti-blond thing (the whole holocost thing really doesn't help ) and my boyfriends blond, so you know, baby steps.

So yeah....bikes. Let's get them and create a blond hate crime gang. Haha just kidding. "Blonds are alright with meee" *sung in the tune of the Jesus is alright by me song that used to be on late nite tv*


Hayley said...

Hell yeah, we can ride around the hood at night keeping bad blondes off the streets. I know how to run people over, I ran my neighbour over with my bike when I was 6. It was accidental, but I still know how to do it. Look out!

I Miss Cigarettes... said...

i was so jealous of christina riccis tits back then...

i thought bout fillin up some balloons wit custard yep yep lolol


p.s i havent riden a bike for howwwww long.. well u know one that actually moved lolol i think id die **die**