Sunday, 9 November 2008


I caught the new Guy Richie flick Rocknrolla last night and it is easily the best flick I have seen in such a long time I can't even remember seeing one this year that compared to it.

Once could be forgiven for thinking its just another Snatch, similar plot lines about the Eastern European Gangster invasion into London, there are some Boris characters running around, but Ritchie has really evolved the concept in terms of (what I believe) is really going on in London at the moment. Where the old school, tweed wearing, suit touting, old money Brits are being pushed out by Richer, Younger and much much much more Violent Eastern Europeans.

The film does a lot to showcase London in 2008, subtly canvassing the Urban Sprawl around the city, the modernisation of its cityscape and landmarks and its increasingly upward Skyline. He also somehow managed to catch a disproportionate amount of sunshine for the City that never Smiles.

But it wasn't the Sunshine or the Tate Modern that caught my eye. It was the cast. It's no secret I am completely enamored with Good Looking Brits, usually in their thirties (Daniel Craig, Jason Statham, Mark Ronson, Guy Ritchie) and sometimes even not so good looking ones in their fifties (Jeremy Clarkson, James May). I am a sucker for an English sense of humor, drinking too many Pints and cheeky accented good looking men. Applications welcome -

So whilst the Cinematography was a feast, the writing nothing short of amazing and the Soundtrack, as with all Guy Ritchie flicks, fucking great, it was the Cast that really did it for me. Gerard Butler is ridiculously good as One Two, Mark Strong is equally as good as Archie, Thandie Newton does a cracking Naughty Accountant role and runs around in Christian Louboutin's, Tom Hardy as Handsome Bob and finally Toby Kebbell as Johnny Quid.

What is great about Guy Ritchie movies is he doesn't rely on an all star cast to make a movie. He makes great movies where the people mentioned earlier, you have no idea who they are, and by the time you've watched it you can't believe you ever lived without them. I don't know how I have lived without Gerard Butler. That said Jeremy Piven and Ludacris make an interesting addition to the cast as Music Promoters, that I feel wasn't totally necessary. Their Americanisms somewhat distracted from the story and made them look superfluous, it would have been much better using some dodgy British cockney bastards. Some real shady types, as the American's didn't bring the whole Denis Farina in Snatch feel to the movie, they were somewhat overpowered by the Brits.

Another great interjection was a live performance from the Subways in the flick, it was so seemlessly edited into the movie it made you feel like you were actually there. It was the most perfect choice of song for the scene too, but I'm not going to ruin any plotlines here. JUST GO AND SEE IT! I implore you. I will also come. This is so far my favourite flick of 2008.

Lets see how Burn after Reading and Quantum of Solace fare up.

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I Miss Cigarettes... said...

glad to see peeps liking it! im looking forward to seeing it :D bigups, shit looks dope.