Saturday, 15 November 2008

Section 8 and then some

As you all know, I've been sick for ages and have been attending all outings stone cold sober. Last night, for the beginning of the birthday weekend, we hit up where else but Section 8 and I thought I'd have a couple of drinks - just to see how I'd fare. No biggie because we've moved the party to January just to be sure I'm back at 100%.

I was going to go home at 8.30 when the Scratchies finished, then at 11pm, then at 1. Eventually I got home (after a 4am stint at Supper Inn) at 5am. A mammoth effort on my part, probably never to be witnessed again.

Had a fantastic time though, thanks to all for the fun. More again at Southpaw tonight!

Hooked up with Chirryl from Sydney and hopefully convinced her that a move to Melbourne would be an excellent idea:

CC, the cutest lil thang

Sophie D - all class

The place wouldn't be the same without Jessie's touch

Jessie knows how to do it - Champagne and a Big Mac

CC marvels at Jessies Hello Kitty make up accessories

Keep an eye on your bag when Sanch is around.

The rest.


Community College said...

hahah great pics!!! (i've robbed a few for fuckbook) Such a fun night!! Spent way more than i should of but fuck i had a good time. lets do it all again tonite, woooot. glad my up-skirt pic didn't get up here, oh the cellulite!!! dear lord!

Hayley said...

Nah! Wouldn't put your up skirt pics up unless you begged me to haha!

Anonymous said...

I feel famous.. I need to keep up my 'ghostface' blog appearances.. hooray!! I shall remain faceless!! lthough my boobs are free for internets usages..prrrr!

_Love jess mogg!