Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Eye Candy

I would prefer it if he was Arm Candy, on my arm, right now. There are some 'cute' pictures of him running around the Internet where he is all polished up in a suit. Where the likeness to a certain Bartender (ahem Hayley) is uncanny!

FUCK THAT. Go see Rocknrolla and there is the most Epic Chase/Fight/Dopsilya scene in the history of film where he ends up clothes torn, covered in sweat and blood, trim and taut Muscles exposed, sex on a very violent platter. That is the Gerard Butler I want to see.

Or the Gerard Butler in 300.

According to (I'm sure highly credible) website Who's Dated Who, he is currently in a relationship with Travis Barker's ex Shanna Moakler, who is a fucking dirty bitch. How true these rumors are is unknown but there is a bevy of Jaded Travis Barker fans on the internet calling her a cock hungry whore bitch on a wild cock hunt after she spent the night at Butler's LA Restaurant Shin Korean BBQ, whilst Travis was in Intensive Care recovering from his Plane Crash with DJ AM.

Either way his previous conquests are along the likes of Rosario Dawson (hot), Naomi Campbell (crazy with a weave) and Cameron Diaz (who cares anymore). So the odds seem to be stacked somewhat against my favour at this stage in time but improve somewhat when you consider he is Scottish, likes a drink and appears to thoroughly enjoy Women. He's also somewhat a well kept secret so maybe he takes what he can get! Wouldn't that be nice.

Side Note - I have decided not to do any Work Related Work today and spend the majority of the day Interwebbing, Blogging, Lunching and hitting the Gym.

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