Wednesday, 12 November 2008

My Friend Toby

Works for Lifelounge and writes for The Vine and divulges his musings, Jeepers Creepers on a very daily basis. If you like nude models, hating on people, laughing at emo kids and comepletely random shit that only Toby can find, its for you.

Other than that you've probably seen him around, if you are above average hot or interesting he has probably tried it on and he is easily one of the most up for it, trashy, never say too drunk, people to party with. He did some stints as a bartender and as a result is an excellent drink maker, he is also an amazing food cooker with an unstoppable appetite for Anchovies and Proscuitto. Enquiries/Applications are welcome to

*Story idea for Mayoress, buy booze, call Tobey, party randomly and document. We could even interview him, he's got some pretty 'interesting' ideas about life.

Jeepers Creepers Teaser; He found some story about an American Man with the following attributes.

• 4 Wives.
• 35 Children.
• Married 24 times.
• Has sex 15 times a day.
• Has 260 horsepower = 35,000 men power.

- Can bend coins with his eye socket and tear them in half.
- Not only did Allah tell him to, but he has a medical certificate to prove it.
- The president pardons him from prison and recognises that he IS Super(hu)man

Which you can check out in full, with video here (Thanks to Sanch for the Heads Up! as per usual).

Team Tobey

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