Saturday, 22 November 2008

Super supreme with extra sanchovies

Introducing the king of bagels, bogan burgers, pork buns and fresh styles, meet a Mayorette super-friend extroadinare, Sanchez. He's one of our favourite people, maybe he should be one of yours too...

What have you been doing lately?

I've just fallen into the routine of work and sleep. Taking as many different vitamin pills as possible. Reading blogs and forums. Trying to make cash and live the dream. Sending gag gifts to my brother for his birthday. Offering my seat to ladies on the train. Taking out a whole weekend to celebrate my birthday. Not sleeping in on weekends because my body clock is set to 5:15am. Figuring out I'm getting old and still haven't grown up. Watching 'The Shield'. IPhone. Gym. Reciting lines from 'Two Hands', Chopper' an 'Jisoe'. ("Could've bought a can of Coke with that!")
I'm also working on a few things which will hopefully come to life in the next few months. It's not quite a secret but it's not quite reality so I don't want to say too much at the moment.

Do you have any secret skills?

I'm an expert at constructing Ikea furniture. I can spot fake hair from 50m. I can also sneeze with my eyes open. Are good manners counted as a skill?

Can’t leave home without:

My Ipod, wallet and keys... and pants. The judge says I have to wear pants.

Favourite drink (we’re talking booze here):

I'm attempting an alcohol free period but I've been smashing vodka lime and sodas lately because the weather is warming up and they seem to be hang over free. I am also partial to a good tip-rat (vanilla vodka, dry and lime). Thanks to Andy for opening my eyes to that one.

Signature lose your shit tracks:

I'll pretty much sit in the corner to any tracks, but the following tend to get my toe tapping:

Damian Marley - All night
Metallica - My apocolypse
N.E.R.D. - My drive thru
Thunderclaps - Judgement day
Arctic Monkeys - A view from the afternoon
Ice Cube - Wicked

Shout outs to:

All the Mayorettes and Mayorette affiliates. My mates in Melbourne, Queensland and everywhere in between. Mum, Dad, Ron-Ron and Ben-Ben. Russell Gilbert.

Any last words:

Good people can be hard to come by. The Mayorettes are good people. Buy their album.

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