Friday, 7 November 2008

PYGMY BABY HIPPO, i love you

I was just watching the news and saw THIS news item (watch the video, it's totally worth it to see her have a bath, woah that sounded wrong).

Basically the break down is that Taronga zoo has welcomed a pygmy hippo baby called Monifah! I didn't even know there was such a thing as a pygmy hippo but damn this thing is sooooo freaking cute. It's SO little. Like a little dog. I wonder how big it grows? I want one, it can live in my bathtub. And it can sleep with me in my bed. I'm sure paul wouldn't mind. ha.

Best part is her mum is from Adelaide and her dad from Honolulu. Haha. Go you little mixed breed! I like you even more now.


Hayley said...

Saw it too, so so cute!

...yet strangely familiar:

Community College said...

haha yeah it totally is like Chester haha. How nuggety it is. I ended up looking at all your chester pics, I like the one where he's looking down the pipe haha. He looks SO naughty in all the pics haha.