Tuesday, 25 November 2008

The weekend that was...

I'm bad at posting close to the actual time shit went down. Did that make sense? It's late and it's monday booooo.
Yeah so....I was naughty and ended up going out Saturday nite! Teehee. I was getting cabin fever at home, not bummed at all I didn't go out Friday and I pretty much spent nothing at the Schwipe gig. So I must say I did well. And saved SO much money. I shouldn't force myself out ever again, stayin in might just be the new going out, wait did I say that? That's bullshit but stayin in when you're poor as shit does have it's merits, merits I have not experienced til last weekend. Here's my last couple of days....

While y'all were coppin your MOB Dunks on Thursday, I was....making my own pair of ill-fitting Havaianas with people that had no idea what they were doing. I got some invite through work to design and make my own "on the house". Rocked up and no-one knew what the fuck I was talking about but helped out anyway, though I realised no-one really knew what the fuck they were doing. To my dismay there was no leopard or zebra print, just regular ass shit too. Plus I think the girl gave me the wrong straps coz goddamn theyre loose. Check the pic! And my gecko toes. I did that on purpose, they don't just look like that on the regular. All in all an awkward experience. Thanks anyway GP.

Friday I stayed in and watched "I love New York". Best shit ever. There was like a hail storm too, so no real incentive to get out. But Saturday I was going crazy like a dog locked in a bathroom so at the last minute we decided to rock up to this Schwipe party near the VIC Markets.

On the way I found this whimsical shop full of wooden shit.

We then stumbled across this awesome little space car

It was pretty tight in there yo. I hadn't been out the house for 24 hours okay, this shit was exciting!

Check the rad ass controls

When we got there we were literally the first ppl there. It was Australia in the 80s theme and all they played was one of my fav genres of music, Yacht Rock. Hall and Oates, Phil Collins, Bread, Beach Boys, all that killer shit. It was awesome. There was also free beer and West Coast coolers with a shot of Chambord in them. HOLY SHIT! Best drink ever. That is all I'm drinking all fuckin summer man, so tasty. We hammered them pretty hard.




Ahhh typically gorgeous Melbourne weather, gotta love it

It was hipster central. Which is weird coz I always thought Schwipe were bit cooler than that, not cooler but like more diverse. Everyone, yes everyone, was wearing black hooded leather jackets, hats and shit shoes. Volley's are not cool, people. And all the chicks had 'tudes. We left when the booze ran out and they started playing bad house instead of the yacht rock! There was bbq also which was rad. Great night out! And cheap and shit. I'm thinking like an art student again. We even got a lift back home for free with my sis' beau. Perfecto! Lets never pay for alcohol againnnnn.


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Hayley said...

Damn woman! I wish I was up for an outing on Saturday.