Monday, 10 November 2008


Hey yo, procrastinating but I'll get back to work soon, don't you worry. I kinda want a bike. Does anyone else want one? I just figure that I'm such a fat lazy turd maybe I could use some exercise and it's way harder to rape someone on a bike than walking (i live in Footscray). But I don't know there's so much shit surrounding bikes these days and last time I tried to ride one at the beach a couple weeks back I fucked out and kinda fell off it coz I haven't touched one since grade eight. I never remember it being so fucking uncomfortable man, your shoulders and your vag. haha. Ow. Speaking on ow, I got a tat on Saturday! yay and fuck man, that shit hurt! I got one when I was like 18 but I don't remember it caning so hard, I'm happy with it but, I now I kinda want more and more! I want a cute girly one next time. I'll take a pic when I get my shit together and post it up and you can all say it looks like shit and I can cry.
Anyway I'm gonna leave you with this comic I saw on Rebel 8 ages ago. So funny! so true! I don't know about this Fixie shit hey. Seems like something moby would be into haha. I dunno, or liberal canadians or vegans...or people that watch Arrested Development. Not feeling it, bmx all day. But i guess they ain't polluting the world so go hard fellas.

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Hayley said...

I think a fixed gear is OK if you're an actual courier, or you actually love bikes and you own all kinds including a velodrome bike. Not OK if you just own one to ride around to exhibitions in your skinny jeans pretending you didn't get one because Mike Giant did. If you can ride one, congrats.

I say get a bike, I want a bike. I have one in the shed but it was stolen from my next door neighbour...well they left it outside after they moved out so I claimed it. It's shit. Then we stole Kristy's ex boyfriends bike which she kindly left on the front lawn for u (hey, he took the car). It's shit too, so I want a real new bike with gears and stuff.

I've been checking out SE Bikes. I want one.

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