Friday, 7 November 2008

I Will Always Be A Married Woman

Its no secret that I have always and probably will always love Married to the Mob. They had me at the first Kaws Bikini, the Lolita Hoodies and the Wu Tang Shirt I ended up buying double of, as I had fucked up the first two so bad.

What I am loving so much about this brand at the moment is that I feel like we are in Sync. As my Teeshirt habit dwindles in favour of Bally Wedges, Marc Jacobs Bags, Alexander McQueen Dresses and Yves Saint Laurent Shoes, the label in which I loved rocking so much when I was out getting stupidly drunk, spending all my money on kicks, fighting with anyone, having too much attitude and not giving a fuck about anyone elses opinions is heading in the same place. That element is still definitely there but I like that when I want to feel a bit more Feminine, with the same Fuck You edge, I can rock a MOB Only Jacket or some Worldwide leggings and it all comes together.

Its never been a secret that Leah has always had big plans. I believe one of the first things she did when she got a Credit Card was put a Dior blouse and Styling(?) classes on it, then she ditched the classes and started MOB. But I digress, as usual, with my head in the Fashion clouds wishing Credit Cards didn't actually have to be paid back, and the $3000 Balenciaga shoes I am so infatuated with could be mine without having to forgo Food, Water and Shelter.

The MOB Holiday Collection has dropped, some of it is already sold out for fucks sake! HOT. And if I am not mistaken there is an amazing looking Tabatha McGurr heading up this campaign, when they fuck did Tabatha get so retardedly hot! It was only yesterday she was blogging about Leah's hand me down Jordan's, regressing as a Human being in the South of France and now she looks positively fucking amazing.

My picks are the Lick It Jeans in Black, Classic Leggings in White, the Classic Bomber in Black, I Love MOB Tee in White (Oversized, on top of some AA Leather Look Leggings, ridiculous D&G Patent Red Wegdes (only OK as we are a Season behind) and the MCM Mob Bag that I always wish I had starved for. What is finally my absolute favourite is the Link Scarf in Cream. I fucking love that Scarf and the Beanie, makes me want to Kidnap Hayley and head to Vancouver (lets just go anyway). Seriously Mr Sandman bring me a never ending pile of Cash so I can rock the Lick It jeans with some amazing Chanel Shoes.

Anyway I am supposed to be writing an application to Net-a-Porter about an amazing job in London, checking out Visas for NYC and the UK and trying to begin what will ultimately be the move Overseas early next March. Oh and that fucking Finance exam that won't go away, I should probably study for that seeing this whole Overseas bullshit won't be pulled off without a 2008 Graduation. Alas the only thing I feel like studying is a bottle of Wine, a candlelit Bath and the new Cohen Brothers flick. Washed down with a fucking Fillet Mignon, seriously someone wrap me up an Eye Fillet in Proscuitto and come and cook it Medium Rare, most of you know where I live.

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