Wednesday, 19 November 2008

I'm sorry but I want this...

I'm having a pretty tacky day, Soph D will have to do some Chanel posts to make this blog legit again coz I know I'm bringin it down but I'm sorry, I really want one of those Harajuku Lovers perfumes! Have you SEEN them in the shops? So fricken cute! How cute is the ad!

How gorgeous is the ad? However made that was onto a good thing. But yeah, I smelt some in Myer the other day and they're actually really nice! I want the Gwen one, it smells like coconuts. And coconuts and vanilla are my two favourite scent (hence my love for Hypnotic Poison by Dior, BEST. FRAGRANCE. EVER). I am gonna buy it when they go on sale, as no doubt they will after Xmas. I don't mind supporting the Gwen franchise either coz I think she's pretty cool.

I actually went to her concert a few years ago and it was dope! She's so pretty! Me and my friend smuggled in hash cookies too coz you couldn't drink there (boring!) and it was a sensory experience my friends. I was like 'how good was it when she sampled Don't Speak by No Doubt in that song gen!" and gen was like "That didn't happen". hahaahahahah.
I have an asian friend who is kinda offended by her use of the Harajuku girls as kinda like accessories, but I think Gwen does it out of genuine love for that shit. Guess it is kinda dodgy, but dudes exploit nameless chicks in music videos all the time, least the LAMB girls are kinda stars. I personally couldn't think of anything worse than small cute asian girls following me around everywhere and making me look whiter and fatter than I already am. I'd prefer an entourage of big fat white chicks so I'm the hot one. I'd call them LARD, ANCHOR, MUSCLE, GRAVY.

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Hayley said...

I thought Gwen's would smell like B A N A N A S