Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Happy Birthday Spooney!

Yo Nath! It's your birthday, on the weekend, we're gonna party like it's your birthday!

Spooney has been part of the crew for years now, but I first saw him at the DJ Champs in Melbourne where I may or may not have thrown some drinks (in plastic, thanks. Not glass) from the top balcony while in the company of Andy and Kristy. Your mum and dad would warn you that people like us are bad influences.

Spooney is well known for being generally awesome, taking shit from me when I'm drinking, interpretive dance, singing amazing songs like 'Unicorn of Happiness' (stay tuned, we'll post it) and being amazing on the turntables (ladies, pay attention).

My favourite Spooney moments - The Unicorn of Happiness song, The Final Countdown Singstar performance, Hot Dogs and Spooney go to the servo and last but not least, the superman into the bushes on your cousins driveway. Keep it up Spooney, we love ya!

Best wishes and may your dreams of being re-named 'The Destroyer' come true.

Ode to Spooney:

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Community College said...

he is also mad on the kazoo