Friday, 21 November 2008

Generally if I have a night on the town my handbag is stuffed to the brim with Cab receipts (excellent for ascertaining exactly what time you got home), David Jones bags if I have been shopping, items of clothing, About $100 worth of Change, Cash and hopefully not Cigarettes. All pretty standard items.

However last week, a certain member of the male Mayoress Crew put a Chinese Sausage Bun in my handbag, wrapped up in Napkins. Which is very funny in itself, putting a $1.50 morsel of Meat in a Louis Vuitton Speedy 30, but made even funnier by the fact I put my phone in my jacket, took my jacket off, couldn't find my phone, decided I had lost it, continued drinking champagne, got home very late, woke up the next morning still quite champagned, managed to locate phone and found a message saying Find anything interesting in your Vuitton?. To which I grabbed my poor Vuitton from the bathroom floor where it was left when I had my signature 4am shower, only to find said Chinese Sausage bun wrapped in napkin, now several hours old in my bag. I then remarked to said friend that it was quite lucky I didn't find it the night before as I would have eaten it.

That will probably take the cake for the strangest thing I will ever find in a handbag after a night on the town. However this mornings one was also very very very funny and I still haven't quite worked out who its from, but I am 99% sure its Nathan.

Wonder what tomorrow morning shall bring? Hopefully a love note from Mark Ronson.

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strOrbz said...

That is hilarious!