Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Worst Dressed

I love Grazia. For $5 Bucks you get a look at clothes from Target to Thurley to Tom Ford. Read Foodie Matthew Evan's Rabbit on about Rabbit, keep in touch with NYC and LDN with weekly columnists and keep up to date with Celebrity news without having to degrade yourself to purchasing New Weekly.

It's a much welcome middle ground to a market dominated by Vogue and Harpers or NW and Who with nothing much in between. It's trashy, classy and full of Amy Winehouse, just what I like in life. They are as at home talking about the finer points of a Paddington Bag as they are about Napoleon Peredis' new Collection for Target. Surely a reflection of the new Designer Savvy consumer.

Anyway I shit on as per usual. The point of this post is that whilst stumbling around the Grazia online blogs I came across an interesting Worst Dressed List that I couldn't help but share with you. The list was derived as a tribute to Mr Blackwell who had been compiling Worst Dressed Lists from Hollywood since the 1960's, declaring that Her Majesty Queen Lizzy had gone from 'Majesty to Travesty' amongst many other things along the way, the 86 Year old passed away recently in his LA home. Apparently he wrote his own Biography 'From Rags to Bitches' that I would love a flick through, nothing screams D-List like bitching about A-Listers.

Anyway, below are some highlights from Mr Blackwell's Fantasy Worst Dressed list, compiled on his behalf by Grazia and brought to your attention because I can't help but agree with most of them. Most of these Women need to have their Black Amexs confiscated.

Money will never be a guarentee of Taste, neither will a Stylist.

6. Pamela Anderson
Last seen at the Playboy Mansion in flip-flops and a mink, this hillbilly harlot has a thing for kink. Earth To Pamela: a white T-shirt is not a dress and your beehive up-do is in major distress.

7. Brooke Shields
I got you in 1980 and now I’m back! Forget the lipstick pink, babe, and stick to classic black.

10. Agyness Deyn
The tartan, the glasses, the shock of bleached hair, you cherish the 80s but darling I was there.

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